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More than half of the world's population is considered bilingual, being able to express themselves perfectly in two languages. Our project is to achieve bilingualism in students, through effectiveness, the natural use of language and the constant practice of vocabulary and oral expression.

During these years of awarded trajectory,  the English Department has been making focus on several activities  that demonstrate these facts in a reliable way. From its grammatical part, the English department emphasizes the preparation of international exams from the University of Cambridge, promulgating their preparation at an early age. Also, our young learners in their areas of Games & Songs acquire the ability to convey ideas, feelings or emotions in English, in an effective and funny way.

From the areas of natural and social sciences, the department works extensively, with topics such as body care, bullying and Comprehensive Sexuality Education projects which are interrelated with the National Curricular Design from the Province of Buenos Aires as well as European history, World Wars and historical conflicts. Our students have excelled in their oral and written presentations.

The English department is in charge of the Halloween festival, presenting bilingual groups from primary and secondary school through theatre plays and musical performances with great success.

Once a year, high school students experience Immersion Camps with different themes each year. Students participate during three in activities, games and daily situations carried out in English with native teachers.

The year comes to an end  with the bilingual concert, where students are challenged to present cult plays, such as  Midsummer Night’s Dream from Shakespeare, a musical never seen before, such as The Greatest Showman, based on his homonymous film, and plays such as Alice in Wonderland, Canterville Ghost, The Jungle Book and Dracula, performed by the little ones.

We are very happy with the results, and we greatly appreciate the unconditional support of the families,  from the institution and the teaching work. Thank you very much!

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Information of the subjects



LANGUAGE: In this subject students learn to use the language in context in a meaningful way acquiring the skills needed to communicate. 


SCIENCE: In this subject students make focus on environmental awareness leading to the changes of our community and contributing to have a better world. Furthermore, they also deal with social topics as well as Revolutions, Wars, etc. 


EXAM PRACTICE: In this subject students acquire the skills and abilities necessary to sit for the exams. Students reinforce their experience in the four main skills. (Listening, Reading and Writing, and Speaking)


LITERATURE AND DRAMA: In this subject not only do students read stories and acquire reading strategies but also they acquire drama skills to practice for the Annual Concert held at the end of November. 


GAMES AND SONGS: In this subject students learn different concepts such as vocabulary through games and chants.


DEBATE: This subject makes focus on communicative skills integrating all the contents learned and the interests of the students.


BIG ISSUES: In this subject students make focus on topics suggested by the UN.

information of the subjects
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